“Save Me” – New Hero Pictures

“Save Me” is a new series on domestic violence. We hope to reach out to those in need, inspire them, educate them, and let them know that they are not alone.

I am very proud to have contributed in my small way to Season One of this series by Chris Jones and his New Hero Pictures. He was kind enough to include the Beautiful Relationship track “Amharique Numérique” in Episode 3 as well as “Air Waves” by alter ego Beatnik Aria. Expect some more tunes in future episodes …

In addition to supporting the message that Save Me is promoting, I would recommend watching it simply because it is great drama. Thanks.SM fest1

UPDATE: Save Me won 1st Prize in the Evolution Film Festival in July! Congratulations to everyone!

UPDATE: Save Me wins “Best Social Issues” Prize in Miami Web Fest! (October 2014)

Save Me on Facebook

Save Me YouTube Channel

Save Me – S01 E3 “Look”


Save Me – S01 E4 “It’s your fault”


Save Me – S01 E5 “I Love You Too”


Save Me – S01 E6 “If I can save her, I will…”


Save Me – S01 E7 “Nobody Wins.”


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